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Shut Up ! Flower Boy Band || " Hey those guys are no joke. Their group name is Eye Candy. Isn't it a badass name? Remember that weirdo who waved at you earlier? Joo Byung Hee. The low-down about hi mis he's crazy leader, a legend on stage and a fighting king. One he's got his eye on you, you're dead meat. Isn't that sacry? Then there's Kwon Ji Hyuk. He's got laser eyes onstage that can pierce your heart. Look at that. He's got a horde of girls waiting in line. If wacko Byung Hee is the leader, Ji HyunK's the right hand man. Eye Candy. Aren't they so cool? The skinny playboy is Kim Ha Jin. All girls should avoid him. He's an animal who can ruin your life! The ther's the cuties Soe Kyu Jong. But when he gets angry, he turns into a man. A man ! A Busan man ! Ah! He's Lee Hyun Soo, chic and multi-talented-playing the guitar, singing. But he's got an icy stare tat once pratically groze a guy to death. Flower boy Jang Do Il. Prince-like beautiful, and even charismatic! But! No one knows a thing about him. " - Jo Deo Mi

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